The Adventures of Judy & Al


This page links to some slide shows of a few other places and things we've enjoyed without our RV.

Mayan Ruins Cruise (Oct 2011) - We'd always wanted to visit some of those marvelous Mayan pyramids in the jungles of Central America, and were able to combine that with a week on a cruise ship, another of our favorite things.

Alaska Cruise (Aug 2009) - We'd always wanted to take an Alaska cruise, so this year we did it.

Mexican Riviera Cruise (Jan 2009) - They made us an offer we couldn't refuse, so we got on this big boat and cruised the west coast of Mexico!

Hawaii! (Oct 2006) - We'd never been to Hawaii, so when we got an offer of a really great deal on a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands, we jumped at the chance. On October 7, we flew out of Portland for Honolulu, boarded the Norwegian Wind, and spent 11 days in the tropics, eating very well and seeing the sights.

The Museum of Flight (Nov 2005 - 147 images) is the largest aircraft museum on the west coast. It's located just south of Seattle at Boeing Field, and incorporates the original Boeing Aircraft factory. We spent a few hours there on each of two days.

Judy Visits Astoria (Sept 2005 - 149 images) Judy and her sisters Jan and Jo organized a "sisters weekend" train ride from Portland to Astoria, OR (their home town), and were joined by some other family and friends for parts of the trip.