The Adventures of Judy & Al


Just in case you're interested, here are some links to some of the websites we use as we travel about.

Camping Memberships we use:

Thousand Trails - This is our primary membership, and gives us virtually unlimited access to over 80 RV parks and resorts all over the US, where we can stay for up to 3 weeks at a time at no charge other than our annual dues. We spend much of our year in 1000 Trails parks.

Resort Parks International - Our Thousand Trails membership gives us access to RPI, a reciprocal club for members of private membership-only parks around North America. We can stay at those parks for up to two weeks at a very attractive price.

Neskowin Creek RV Resort - It's a nice place to stay when visiting the Lincoln City OR area, but our primary reason for belonging is that it gives us access to:

Resorts of Distinction - It's another reciprocal club giving us access to other private membership-only resorts around the country. We can stay at those parks for up to two weeks at no charge other than our annual dues.

Escapees RV Club - although primarily a support club for RV folks, they also own and operate several RV parks of their own, and the rates are generally much less than public campgrounds in the same area. Plus they have a really good monthly magazine.

Passport America - is the largest "half-price" club, and lets us stay at hundreds of public rv parks and campgrounds at half the regular "rack" rate. When we can't stay at one of the membership parks, we'll try to stay at a Passport Park.

Other interesting sites: helps us find the cheapest gasoline. Works best in bigger towns. is where folks like us post reviews of RV parks. Very valuable. is better than the US Weather website, because it posts weather observations from private weather stations all over the place. Plus the forecasts are good.

Google Movies helps us find flicks to see locally, no matter where we are.

Google Maps lets us look at aerial photos of RV parks and other things as we pick places to visit. It uses the same imagery as Google Earth, plus it has road maps.

The Open Road Forums at are an incredible resource of RV-related information and advice.

We're also sometimes asked about the software we use to build the slide shows for our travel reports. It's JAlbum - it's very flexible.