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Just in case you're interested, here are some links to some of the websites we use as we travel about. helps us find the cheapest gasoline. Works best in bigger towns. is where folks like us post reviews of RV parks. Very valuable. is where folks like us post info on where you can park your RV and get satellite TV and/or Internet. It's not well supported anymore, but still useful. is better than the US Weather website, because it posts weather observations from private weather stations all over the place. Plus the forecasts are good.

Google Movies helps us find flicks to see locally, no matter where we are.

Google Maps lets us look at aerial photos of RV parks and other things as we pick places to visit. It uses the same imagery as Google Earth, plus has road maps.

Open Road Forums at are an incredible resource of RV-related information and advice.

We're also sometimes asked about the software we use to build the slide shows for our travel reports. It's
JAlbum - it's very flexible.