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judy & alHi! Welcome to our website.

We're the Aslaksons, originally from the Oregon Coast, but now living full time in our motorhome. After retirement, we took a four-month motorhome trip (because we could) in the summer of 2006 and came home to a house full of stuff we didn't miss, hadn't needed, and couldn't find each other in. In April of 2007, we moved into our RV and hit the road full time. Home is now anywhere we park it.

We're keeping this website to help our friends and family keep track of us, and to reassure them that we haven't completely dropped off the planet. Feel free to use the menu at the left to poke around and see where we've been and what we've been up to. We post lots of pictures.

(Mea Culpa: It's been a wierd year, and we've fallen way behind on our website updates. But we're starting to work at it again. Please don't give up on us.)


We're at the Palm Springs RV Resort in Palm Desert, CA until 2/15.

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